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dinner menu...
first choose your pasta from the pasta selections below...
pasta selections...
pasta selections 10 
spaghettini, capellini, penne, rigatoni
homemade pasta selections 11
fettuccini, gnocchi, linguini, parpadelli, whole wheat pasta, cavatelli
stuffed pasta selections 12
cheese ravioli, meat ravioli, spinach ravioli, stuffed shells
now add your sauce from the sauce selections below... 
sauce selections
marinara (included)
specialty sauces 2
aglio e oglio, meat sauce, lemon butter, brown butter
specialty sauce di casa 3
pesto, carbonara, putanesca, pomodoro, alfredo, rosella, salsa a vongoli
now add your favorite topping to your pasta from the topping selections below....
topping selections....
additions 2.5
meatballs, italian sausage
additions 3.5
grilled chicken, pancetta, prosciutto, shrimp, anchovies, clams
additions 3
arichokes, broccoli, kalamata olives, eggplant, green olives, mushrooms, roasted garlic 
roasted green peppers, spinach
about our sauces….
marinara ~ papa’s famous sauce made with his own recipe created in our kitchen in Ramacca. this smooth and velvety sauce is sure to please every palate
aglio e oglio ~ virgin olive oil with real garlic
pesto ~ this sauce is made by grinding fresh basil, garlic, virgin olive oil in a mortar
carbonara ~ a combination of white wine, butter, pancetta, garlic
putanesca ~is a zesty, spicy, hot version of papa’s famous  marinara sauce with an added touch of roasted garlic, black and crushed red pepper and kalamata olives
meatsauce ~ hearty, rich meat sauce slow cooked to perfection
pomodoro ~ this very simple and yet flavorful sauce is made with tomatoes, garlic and fresh basil
alfredo ~ a delicate, rich, smooth white sauce made with roasted garlic,  butter, cream and pecorino romano
rosella ~ a great marriage of our rich and smooth marinara and luscious and creamy alfredo sauces
salsa a vongoli ~ baby clams slow cooked in our famous sauce. Comes in either creamy alfredo or marinara or oil and garlic
lemon butter ~ a light, tangy butter sauce with freshly squeezed lemons
i secondi / dinner entrees
bistecca pizzaiola ~ strip steak seared to perfection, topped with roasted tomatoes and onions, sprinkled with shavings of pecorino romano 19
salsiccia arrostita ~ roasted italian sausage, green peppers and onions served with patati fritti (fried potatoes) 17 
saltimbocca a la cesca ~ a rich bake consisting of layers of hand pounded veal or chicken, zesty soprezzata, marinara and aged fontinella, served on a nest of parpadelle in luscious rosella sauce 20
pancetta wrapped gamberi ~ shrimp wrapped with pancetta, sauteed in a delicate pepper, lemon sauce served with capellini ad aglio e oglio 19
polpettini ~ seasoned lean ground beef stuffed with cheese, onions and a special blend of spices, served with pasta 17
melenzani rollettini ~ eggplant slices filled with light creamy ricotta cheese rolled then smothered with marinara sauce topped with melted mozzarella served with spaghettini 16
zucchini soppresa ~ strips of zucchini and squash cut into long strips sauteed with onions and plumb tomatoes 16
veal or eggplant or chicken parmiggiana ~ breaded then smothered with papa’s homemade marinara sauce topped with melted mozzarella served with spaghettini 16.5
involtini ~ a flavorful combination of creamy, italian cheeses spread on a delicate sheet of pasta, rolled into a log, cut into pinwheels and served on a bed of marinara sauce covered with melted mozzarella 17
gnocchi ramacchesi ~ gnocchi tossed in a savory sauce carefully prepared with fresh garlic, anchovies and kalamata olives and olive oil 16.5
pasta al fresco ~ a light flavorful sauce made up of tomatoes, mushrooms and grilled chicken served over capellini 16.5
pasta primavera ~ garden fresh broccoli, artichoke hearts, plumb tomatoes, onions and kalamata olives sautéed and tossed in a bed of pasta 16
pasta ca muddica ~ pasta tossed in a traditional simple marinara sauce sautéed in garlic, kalamata olives, olive oil, then sprinkled with pecorino romano and roasted panko bread crumbs 16
entrees include fresh, crisp garden salad and oven toasted Italian bread 
per i bambini (children's menu)
spaghetti with one meatball 6
rigatoni with one meatball 6
one slice of pizza with beverage 4.5
cheese sticks with fries 5
chicken tenders with fries 5.5 
two meatballs with fries 4
bevandi (beverages)
coke, diet coke, sprite, pink lemonade, fruit punch
stewarts root beer, fresh brewed iced tea, milk , coffee
 hot chocolate, hot tea 2.50          san pellegrino bottled water (750ml) 5
wine and beer also available see our wine menu
 i dolci (desserts)
assorted desserts especially prepared daily.. ask your server
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