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i pranzi ( lunch menu)......
first choose your pasta...
pasta selections 6
spaghetti, capellini, penne, rigatoni 
homemade pasta selections 7
fettuccini, gnocchi, linguini, parpadelli, whole wheat pasta,
stuffed pasta 8
cheese ravioli, meat ravioli, spinach ravioli, stuffed shells,
cannelloni florentine 
then choose your sauce...
sauce selections
marinara (included) 
specialty sauces 1.5
aglio e oglio, meat sauce, lemon butter,brown butter 
specialty sauce di casa 2
pesto, carbonara, putanesca, pomodoro, alfredo, rosella,
salsa a vongoli 
now add your favorite topping...
topping selections 1
meatballs, italian sausage 
more topping selections  2.5
grilled chicken, pancetta, prosciutto, shrimp, anchovies, clams 
more topping selections 3.5
artichokes, broccoli, kalamata olives, eggplant, green olives,  
mushrooms, roasted garlic,  roasted green peppers, spinach
 pranzi preparati (lunch specials)
zuppa del giorno ~ a hearty bowl of our homemade soup of
the day served with our fresh house salad                         6.5                                          
un pezzo di pizza ~ a slice of cheese pizza with your
choice of house salad or cup of soup                                  6.5 
zuppa ~a bowl of soup of the day served with oven baked
italian bread                                                                      6
mezzo panino imbottito ~ half of our famous traditional
Italian panino with your choice of house salad or cup of soup                                                                                   6.5
focaccia ~half of  fran’s famous focaccia served with your
choice of house s alad or cup of soup of the day              10 
frittata ~ choose three of your favorite vegetable or meats
and one cheese                                                                 10
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