Mama Catena Ristorante - Celebratring Life, Food, Family & Friends
i primi...appetizers.....
formaggi e' salumi ~ a platter of imported aged italian cheeses, meats and
olives served with oven baked italian bread drizzled with olive oil, kosher salt
and cracked black pepper 10                                                                                            
pane pepperoni (pepperoni bread) ~ layers upon layers of pepperoni 
and mozzarella stuffed inside our home made dough then baked in our
brick oven served with our home made marinara sauce 8
pane brushetta (brushetta bread) ~ a great marriage of italian plum tomatoes,
garlic, fresh basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic, sprinkled with aged pecorino romano served on top of oven baked  italianbread 8.5
pizza brushetta ~ italian plum tomatoes, fresh garlic, olive oil, shredded pecorino romano and fresh basil 10
calamari ~ crispy flash-fried, served with lemon slices and marinara sauce 10
polenta fritta ~ crispy, fried strips of home made polenta served with
marinara sauce 10
vaccarelli ~ escargot sauteed in a delicate  garlic, lemon, butter sauce 12
caprese ~ sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh basil (seasonal) mozzarella 
drizzled with olive oil and balsamic 10
bistecca ~ a wedge of lettuce drizzled with crumbled blue cheese,
crispy pancetta and tomatoes 9
giardinera (antipasto salad) ~ hearts of romaine, crispy greens, pickled
vegetables, pepperoni salami, provolone 8.5    
chef ~ hearts of romaine, crisp greens. ham, turkey, egg, tomato, mozzarella 8   
pollo arrosto (grilled chicken) ~ romaine, grilled chicken, tomato, mozzarella 8.5   
inzalata di casa (house salad) ~ 3.5
dressing selections: italian, creamy italian, ranch, french, honey mustard oil and vinegar
contorni... on the side...
meatballs (3)                            2.5                                italian sausage                   2.5    
garlic bread with cheese          2.5                               garlic bread                        2    
bread sticks                              7                                  patati fritti                           4.5        
onion rings                               3.5                                fries                                     2.5
pepperoni bread                      8                                  bbq wings                          8
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